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Integra Martel




Proceed, Registered Citizen




Increased Intelligence


173 cm (5'8")

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark blue

Voice Actors

Japanese: Ryo Hirohashi

English: Jaimie Marchi

Integra is the Squad Leader of Proceed, she usually stays in the command center but has entered the field on multiple occassions.

She, along with her co-workers, work under Ashley Lynx. Together they stop the crimes commited within the city; in particular they try to apprehend Rose, Larry, and Andy Anderson. When the 'deceased' Rose begins working there suddenly her world becomes chaotic eventually leading to Silvia's death by Ashley's hand. Feeling betrayed she and the others escape and go into hiding. Later, after leaving Accela with the Revants following Celica's death, she confronts Ashley underneath R.U.C. She is eventually defeated and knocked out. She is then sent into custody while being treated at the hospital.


  • Integra, like her fellow Proceeds, is named after a car model

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